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Back to Flight

10/8/2018 Back to Flight It has been over a year and I am happy to say that I am back on my feet. Last year was very tough for me but I am thankful for all of the love and support from my family and friends. My recovery process would not have been the same without all of you. This was a blessing in disguise and now I am Back to Flight. There has been a lot of personal growth and better understanding on where I stand. I can now continue my journey being stronger and better than ever. I needed to take a step back in order to move forward.

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New coffee range

When we a number of people said love your cause but I don't drink tea. We listened and in partnership with ozbarista bring you our coffee range. As with our teas we researched before choosing the products to put forward. The coffees on offer have been grown in an environmentally sustainable manner and the trades with the growers have been done in a fair manner so as not to exploit.  The blends are delicious whether your like your coffee strong or creamy. You can grind your own with fresh beans or have them ground for you before dispatch. Also on offer are the pods that work on any Nespresso or compatible machine. Let us know what you think? Also our...

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Does social responsibility make a difference when you shop

Hi my name is Chandi I am the founder of from the concept stage of this venture not only was social responsibility a non negotiable but a core reason for starting this up. All the purchases you make provide the equivalent of 100l of water via to help buy water filtration straws which in turn help to stop children from drinking poluted water and dying. I like the quote (not necessarily a fan of Ronald Regan :) but like hte quote)  we can't help everyone but everyone can help someone goto to shop online

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