Does social responsibility make a difference when you shop

Hi my name is Chandi I am the founder of from the concept stage of this venture not only was social responsibility a non negotiable but a core reason for starting this up. All the purchases you make provide the equivalent of 100l of water via to help buy water filtration straws which in turn help to stop children from drinking poluted water and dying.

I like the quote (not necessarily a fan of Ronald Regan :) but like hte quote) 

we can't help everyone but everyone can help someone

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  • henk

    would you be so kind to answer my questions I sent to you via Exchange? Thank you for being polite.

  • ann Jacobs

    love your cause .. read about the 20k liters of water that was provided after the initial fund raise .. fantastic work .. I have worked in charity and know the great work that does .. we take clean water for granted .. good on you

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